Volterra / San Gimignano in a Day Tour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATuscan Vineyard Tours’ Day Trip to Volterra and San Gimignano is a day packed with history, fine wine, and shopping opportunities all in settings of incredible beauty and history. Volterra is a Medieval city that is largely intact and was used as a setting for the popularTwilight films. Its roots stem from Etruscan (Pre-Roman) origins when it was a thriving commercial center, nestled high in the Tuscan hills.

Today it is still known for its local salt mines as well as beautifully carved alabaster. Bring home gorgeous alabaster or olive wood utensils as a memento of this beautiful city. We will also visit an Etruscan Museum and Roman Era amphitheatre where you can see for yourself how these ancient people lived.

San Gimignano is known for its Medieval towers and white Vernaccia wine, which was the first and only white DOCG (designated wine region) in Italy. Stroll the city climb to the top of a tower for a stunning view of the area, then reward yourself with a delicious gelato!

Volterra / San Gimignano Day Trip: 

  • Visit Volterra City Hall, the Oldest in Italy
  • Visit Volterra Cathedral
  • Visit Roman Amphitheatre
  • Tour Etruscan Museum
  • Lunch of Charcuterie and Local Wine at an Enoteca/Wine Bar
  • Shop for Local Painted Terra Cotta Pottery in San Gimignano
  • Climb Medieval Tower in San Gimignano
  • Afternoon Gelato 

2-4 Persons / €185.00

5-6 Persons / €175.00

7-8 Persons / €160.00


Tour Begins in San Gimignano, Volterra. Other locations may incurred additional cost.